From sketch to styling

Ideas to last a 100 years
A composition of materials

Every project is custom-designed

We want to prove functionality and flair can co-exist perfectly in an interior. By playfully managing lighting and colour, we widen the room and your view. This creates comfort for both guests and crew.

Involved from start to finish

From the first sketch, Studio-L gives each cruise ship its own identity. During construction, we work closely with suppliers and executive parties. While communication with the clients is always maintained, the design process can be broken up in the following stages:

  • Moodboards and sketches give direction to the ambiance of the ship.
  • This is followed by making detailed technical interior drawings and lighting plans.
  • The selection of colours and materials gives each design status.
  • Furniture, carpets and lighting can be custom-made as well.
  • Photo-realistic artist impressions give the client a glimpse into the future.
  • Guidance and control over the implementation of the design.
  • Putting on the finishing touches by means of styling.
Moodboard of interior design
Sideview of a rivership
More composition
technical drawing

Sustainable & Safe

As Studio-L, we consider sustainability and safety to be important factors in our work. We stay up to date on the latest materials, such as the environmentally conscious ‘Cradle to Cradle’ and FR fire retardant products. We closely follow developments in energy-saving lighting and water-saving sanitary facilities with great interest. In addition, the health of guests and crew is essential. Innovative solutions can enhance the hygiene and well-being of both guests and crew.

Furthermore, Studio-L is aware of its ecological footprint. For example, by making use of online video conferences, we can prevent unnecessary travel. By working this way we reduce the impact on our beautiful planet!


"As a shipbuilder, working with Studio-L on a design in which engineering and construction can be in-tegrated is a pleasure. In collaboration with Studio-L we have delivered on many beautiful projects, all to the full satisfaction of our customers."

~ Marcel Zweers – Managing Director of TeamCo Shipyard
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